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How To Change Your Life

We live in a world filled with many amazing technologies. They let us travel with incredible swiftness. They let us talk to people at a distance, find out information or look at cat pictures. They let us limit the effects of a deadly virus. What if there were other technologies in our world that enabledContinue reading “How To Change Your Life”

How To Write A Book

Last month I launched my first novel, Buy me Love. I’ve had lots of wonderful feedback, with many people telling me (unprompted!) how much they’ve enjoyed it. But I keep getting one question that I wasn’t expecting: “How long did it take you to write it?” I bet there’s many different reasons for asking thisContinue reading “How To Write A Book”

My Summer Reading

Apologies to people reading this in the northern hemisphere, but we’re still basking in summer down in our half of the planet. And amongst the festivities and family gatherings, the sunshine, the holidays and the barbecues, there’s been plenty of time for reading. Here’s a look at some of the books I’ve been reading thisContinue reading “My Summer Reading”

My 5 favourite thrillers

I love thrillers. Exciting storylines, packed with action, the good guys seeking to defeat the bad guys against impossible odds. I wouldn’t want to read them all the time, but there are certainly moments when thrillers are perfect – on holiday perhaps, or when you have limited time but want to immediately lose yourself inContinue reading “My 5 favourite thrillers”

Can A Plan Also Be A Pleasure?

Reading plan (ˈriːdɪŋ plæn): A system of methodically working one’s way through a self-selected list of books; formerly derided, but now heartily endorsed by Greg Brook of Before I give you my 3 tips for creating a pleasure-filled reading plan, I need to make a confession: doing an English literature degree destroyed for many yearsContinue reading “Can A Plan Also Be A Pleasure?”


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