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How To Change Your Life

We live in a world filled with many amazing technologies. They let us travel with incredible swiftness. They let us talk to people at a distance, find out information or look at cat pictures. They let us limit the effects of a deadly virus. What if there were other technologies in our world that enabledContinue reading “How To Change Your Life”

Still Life, by Sarah Winman

If I could choose one other city in the world to live in, it would be Florence. The art, the architecture, the food, the wine. It’s a beautiful city, passionately loved by many, many people. Such as the characters in Sarah Winman’s new novel, Still Life. A quick spoiler-free summary of the plot before IContinue reading “Still Life, by Sarah Winman”

This Book Is Hard To Read!

Let’s own up. After all, it happens to everyone. Sometimes you start reading a book and it just feels like hard work. And when there’s a million really good books in the world (at last count) it seems like the best idea is to toss (gently!) that hard book aside and pick up something that’sContinue reading “This Book Is Hard To Read!”

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